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As discussed in article 12, “Design for Convenience”,  it’s good practice to minimize the effort required by others to carry out favorable actions. In this case I want you to read my blog, so I will make it easier to find the articles I have written!

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***Articles in order of release date:

1. Introduction: Don’t let Fear stand between you and success.

wedge grips

2. Free Resource: The Bolt Sizing Calculator

screen shot bolt calc

3. Free Resource: Heat Sink Design Made Easy with One Equation

heat sink

4. Start with why: The Plan for EngineerDog


5. Free Resource: Strength of Materials Made Easy

relative properties of beam sections

6. The Quest for the Ultimate Testing Clevis

Two beeftacular clevises

7. Best of The Internet: A directory of Hand-Picked Free Engineering Tools

best of the internet

8. Fire Bullets Then Cannonballs: A Strategy for Success

fire bullets, then cannonballs

9. Million Dollar Idea Giveaway

idea execution chart

10. Free Electrical Wire Gauge Sizing Calculator

Wire Sizing Guide

11. 10 Tricks Engineers Need to Know About Fasteners

split washers dont work

12. Why Designing For Convenience Should be A Top Priority

make it easy and it will happen

13. Why people enjoy making things at home more than at work

motivation level over time

14. Constraints Drive Creative Solutions, but Not Necessarily Better ones


15. Free Resource: Ball Screw Design Calculator

ball screw vs lead screw

16. My Three Best Tips for Developing Self Discipline


17. Sustenance Paste: An Experiment with Liquid Food Replacement

Recipe for DIY soylent

18. 3D Printing A 3D Honeycomb Infill Concept

3D Honeycomb Infill

19. Why do refrigerator magnets only stick on one side?

refrigerator magnet

20. Engineers Beware the Ultimate Productivity Killer: Nerd Sniping

XKCD nerd_sniping

21. Introduction to 3D Printing Materials Science Series

3d printed machine shop tools

22. Testing Series Part 1: The Problem, The Plan, & The Prototype

Prototype testrbot

23. Check out TestrBot, the $300 Universal Test Machine!

TestrBot Main photo

24. Why do projects always take longer than expected?

beatiful day outside window

25. Effect of Acetone Vapor Polishing on 3D Printed Parts

Ultrasonic Acetone Vapor Polisher

26.What do skyscrapers, tractor-trailors, and precision flow meters have in common?

Island Vortex

27. Powder bed and inkjet 3D printing like you’ve never seen before!

Viridis 3D printer

28. 10 Lessons Learned from my Electric Motorcycle Conversion.

Electric Motorcycle

29. Why you should give your best ideas away…for free

Open source hardware logo

30. How I started a major house fire and the innovation that could have prevented it.

Smoke Detector Disconnector

31. Maker Faire Detroit 2015 was Awesome.

Maker Fair Robot and Michael

32. Why Does Plastic Turn White Under Stress?

3d prints under microscope

33. Why I’m sick of sitting at work and what I did about it.

Wooden Standing Desk

34. The Ultimate Altoids Tin Survival Kit

ultimate altoids survival kit

35. EngineerDog Showcase at Maker Faire Cincinnati a Success!

EngineerDog Maker Faire Display

36. Mechanical Testing 3D Printed Parts: Results and Recommendations

4 point bend test

37. Engineering a 3 Wheel Vehicle Chassis

Michael in SIUE Solar Car Chassis

38. Engineering Design Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Michaels Big book of Blunders

39. The Class I Wish I Took in Engineering School

I dont even understand what I dont understand

40. Practical Uses for 3D Printing in a Manufacturing Environment

Michael with Jaws of Life at AMTS

41. The ‘Bicycle BoosterPack’ Kit: A New Ultralight Portable Electric Assist

Bicycle BoosterPack Kit

42. Bicycle BoosterPack Series Part 2. Wheeeee!

BoosterPack configurations

43. Bicycle BoosterPack Series Part 3. Further Development

Boosted Scooter

44.Building a Better Filament Fuser


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