Best of the Internet:

best of the internet

You’re in luck! You’ve just found a directory of the best hand-picked FREE engineering tools on the internet! This list is regularly updated with new sites being added to the bottom of each category, so bookmark this page for future reference!

EngineerDog loves sniffing out the best resources on the internet , so let me know what your favorite sites are!

 **Last Updated: March 2017, Lots of additions!

Source & Description/Link
1 Tube Bending Calculator: Tells you how to measure structural tubing for bending.
2 Cut List Calculator: Tells you the most efficient method of cutting bar stock to minimize waste.
3 Tolerances and Fits Calculator: Tells you how to size shafts and holes to achieve the desired fit.
4 Concise Welding Symbols chart
5 Machining Feed & Speed Calculator
6 Easily design layouts for laser cut boxes
7 Testing Specifications: ASTM (Use google translate)
8 Testing Specifications: ANSI, Mil, SAE Specs and more
9 Info summary on any company:  # employees, revenue, age, etc.
10 Website SEO report (1 free review/week!)
11 Website stats and valuation
12 Website Domain Authority Checker
13 Temporary Email Address  (alternative method)
14 Comparison shop for optimum shipping rates
15 Share your screen with anyone over the web.
16 Send a fax without a fax machine
17 Send a fax without a fax machine
18 Official Free Browser Based Version of Microsoft Office
19 Edit pdfs for free online
20 Huge database of free custom fonts online
21 Send anonymous emails (Hello Boss…)
22 Mail your enemy a piece of shit in a box (Yes, this is how I do business)
23 Mail your enemy an envelope full of glitter (OMG yes)
24 Anon wake up phonecall for yourself (or that enemy)
25 Pdf to DXF converter (20 free uses)
26 HashTag Selection Optimizer (use in table mode)
27 Make your own graphpaper
28 Printable Planner Organizer System 
29 Remove backgrounds from photos
30 Buy & Print USPS Shipping Label free from home (Paypal)
31 Best Online Fastener Sizing Chart
32 Shoulder bolt dimensions and strength
33 Online tap drill chart- Tells you what size to predrill tapped holes
34 Table of NPT Thread Sizes
35 Printable fastener sizing layover charts
36 Sheet metal thickness gage chart
37 Custom Spring Calculators-Design the exact spring you need
38 Material properties For everything
39 McMaster Carr: wide array of 3d models, go-to for hardware
40 GrabCAD: Huge database of user submitted models
41 3DContentCentral:  Database of user submitted models
42 Misumi: 3d models of small mechanical parts
43 3d models of gears
44 Google Sketchup Model Database
45 Diagram editor: Great for drawing flow charts
46 Octave: an opensource alternative to Matlab
47 Draw the floorplan of your house, arrange furniture, see results in 3D.
48 Electronic Wiring / Analog Circuit CAD
49 Panda Antivirus software (What I use)
50 Helps your computer startup faster
51 Finds accidentally deleted files.
52 Circuit simulator
53 2D Drafting CAD similar to autocad
54 ‘Ccleaner’ computer cleaner and speed booster software
55 PCB Design software
56 Free Parametric 3D modeling software (good for programmers)
57 Free Ladder Logic Software (the actual PLC is only $70)
58 Desktop Unit conversion  tool
59 Fritzing for documenting arduino & other circuit schematics
60 Free online image vectorizer: convert JPEG to DXF
61 Gear Design Tool (Some is free but has paid component too)
62 Free source code editor, useful for programming
63 Free online 3D model file converter: stl to obj to ply
64 STL File Viewer that lets you make measurements
65 STL FILE Editor: Meshmixer
66 STL File 3d model Voronoi effect editor: voronator
67 Slic3r 3D printing slicing software
68 Repetier Host, 3D printing Gcode Generator & Printer UI
69 Lathe-R-Beam Spins 2d Drawing around axis & creates STL File
70 Cura: Combined slicing, g-code generating, & UI for 3d printers
71 OctoPrint-Remotely monitor your 3D printer
72 Super Simple parametric gear model STL generator
73 Onshape 3d modelling program
74 TinkerCAD 3D modelling program
75 OPENSCAD Parametric 3D modelling Program
76 DesignSpark Mechanical 3D modelling program
77 FREECAD Parametric 3D modelling Program
78 Blender 3D Sculpting program
79 Fusion 360 3D Modelling
80 2.5D control software: CNC Router/laser/ plotter G-code generator & UI
81 Deltabot 3D Printer position calculator
82 Laser Web- Free software toolchain for laser cutters & engravers
83 Open Source Vector Graphics Editor (like Adobe Illustrator)
84 Find a local DIY 3D printing service
85 Find a local DIY CNC, CAD, or 3D printing service
86 Find a local DIY CNC, CAD, 3D printer, Laser fabrication service
87 Online waterjet cutting (Instant free quotes)
88 Online laser cutting, 3D printing, & metal machining service.
89 Buy bulk Chinese products cheap and resell for profit
90 Timing Belt Center Distance Calculator
91 Learn any language free
92 Shorten Long Urls
93 Online Stopwatch
94 Easily make a screencast video
95 Online super calculator (does algebra too)
96 Online Interpolation Calculator
97 Find websites similar to ones you know you like
98 Find books/music/movies similar to ones you know you like
99 Google Keep: Free synced notes between computer & phone
100 Find the original URL that’s hiding behind a short URL. – find the original URL that’s hiding behind a short URL.
101 Website Name Availability Checker (Finds similar options for you)
102 507 Mechanical Movements: See various linkages in motion
103 Can You run it, automatic system requirements checker for games.
104 Free OpenSource Password Keeper
105 Make Screen Casts for free.
106 Convert Photo Image to look like a cartoon/drawing
107 Simple/Effective Investing Savings Browser Calculator (Dave Ramsey)
108 Simple/Effective Home Buy vs Rent Browser Calculator (NYT)
109 Free Credit Scoring that doesn’t affect your score to check.
***Online Materials Suppliers***
110 Cheap Supplier of various metal raw material
111 Cheap Supplier of various metal raw material
***Engineering/Maker Newsletters***
112 Engineering, design, and business. Interesting & insightful blog articles.
113 Instructables newsletter, how to guides & project ideas
114 Hackster.I.O, hacked hardware projects & ideas.
115 Make Magazine standard newsletter
116 Maker Pro Newsletter, my favorite one


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