About the Blog:

EngineerDog is a personal site for sharing my original designs, tips, & resources with other science nerds like me! This includes 3D models and designs shared under the EngineerDog name throughout the internet on sites like:

I follow a few guidelines for blog articles, but common themes include:

  • Original Technical Resources
  • Build Plans & Project Ideas
  • Recommended Books,  Tools, & Websites,
  • Thoughts on Personal Finance & Small Business
  • Personal Stories of Failure & Inspiration.

Blog History:

I started EnginerDog in the summer of 2014 after I noticed the positive impacts that writing had on my ability to communicate and my depth of knowledge. I use this blog as a way to practice, experiment, and get feedback on my hobby work.

The name of the blog was picked kind of randomly. I’m a dog loving mechanical engineer and the EngineerDog domain name was available.

About the Engineer:

My name is Michael and I’ve been hooked on building stuff ever since I discovered that potato cannons could launch rotten vegetables halfway across a suburban neighborhood. Lucky for me people will pay you to do that sort of thing (the design & build part, not the public endangerment part), so a degree in mechanical engineering seemed like a good fit.

I entered the professional workforce in 2010 and quickly learned enough to be able to find work anywhere I want. So the wife and I packed up and moved to Portland, Oregon.

Michael with Stormtrooper

That Blaster’s got nothin’ on these guns.

About the Dog:

The blog theme is named after Buzz, our rescued mini-schnauzer child who serves the role of staving off my wife’s desire for a real baby boy a little longer!). (UPDATE: You’ve failed me Buzz!)

Because of his small stature and excitable demeanor Buzz is often mistaken for a puppy (small dogs always seem to have something to prove, don’t they?). He knows a few tricks and he’s pretty smart but don’t let his snappy tie and fancy reading material fool you, he is just a regular dog with no formal education.


You don’t want to know how long it took to get a good picture.


I would love to hear from you! If you need engineering advice or want to collaborate on a project, innovation, business idea, or career opportunity then feel free to contact me. I’m always looking for new opportunities! Check out some of my professional work here.

Email:  MechEngineerMike AT gmail.com

-Michael Graham



  1. Came here when I was searching for open source hardware as part of a workshop project. I really liked your article about open source hardware. I’m an Electronics engineer from India and I too love the idea of being open source. I share my hobby projects at my project website. You have a great website here too. I’ll add this to my list of personal project websites I found across the web.


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