About the Blog:

EngineerDog is a one man show, a personal site for sharing my original designs, tips, & resources with other science nerds like me!

This includes 3D models and designs shared under the EngineerDog name throughout the internet on sites like:

Common themes include:

  • Original Technical Resources
  • Build Plans & Project Ideas
  • Recommended Books,  Tools, & Websites,
  • Thoughts on Personal Finance & small business
  • Personal Stories of Failure & Inspiration.

I follow a few guidelines for blog articles:

* I believe that information is best communicated when it is concise, organized, and entertaining. (Humor is the magic sauce that keeps your reader awake!)

* I try to share only the highest quality content, even at the expense of consistent posts. Posting click-bait articles amounts to crying wolf and (justifiably) destroys your credibility. If I have nothing good to share for a month then I won’t share anything! Quality > Quantity.

* I believe that giving valuable content away for free is the path to real success. You have to create things that help people before asking for their attention, not the other way around.

* I only work when it’s fun. The best way to create inspiring work is to actually be inspired!

*I will never recommend that you do or buy anything I would not do or buy for myself.

Blog History:

I started EnginerDog in the summer of 2014 after I noticed the positive impacts that writing had on my ability to communicate and my depth of knowledge. I use this blog as a way to practice, experiment, and get feedback on my hobby work.

The name of the blog is pretty much meaningless. I’m a dog loving mechanical engineer and the EngineerDog domain name was available.

About the Engineer:

My name is Michael and I’ve been hooked on building stuff ever since I discovered that potato cannons could launch rotten vegetables halfway across a suburban neighborhood. Lucky for me people will pay you to do that sort of thing (the design & build part, not the public endangerment part), so a degree in mechanical engineering seemed like a good fit.

At this point I’m 28 I live in live in Portland, Oregon and am married to a woman better than I deserve.

Michael with Stormtrooper

That Blaster’s got nothin’ on these guns.

About the Dog:

The blog theme is named after Buzz, our rescued mini-schnauzer child who serves the role of staving off my wife’s desire for a real baby boy a little longer (GOOD dog!). (UPDATE: You’ve failed me Buzz!)

Because of his small stature and excitable demeanor Buzz is often mistaken for a puppy (small dogs always seem to have something to prove, don’t they?). He knows a few tricks and he’s pretty smart but don’t let his snappy tie and fancy reading material fool you, he is just a regular dog with no formal education.


You don’t want to know how long it took to get a good picture.


I would love to hear from you! If you need engineering advice or want to collaborate on a project, innovation, business idea, or career opportunity then feel free to contact me. I’m always looking for new opportunities! Check out some of my professional work here.

Email:  MechEngineerMike AT gmail.com

-Michael Graham


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