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This is my new web store home base, recently migrated over from Same great products & service, better website!

The EngineerDog Store offers custom built hardware and electronics kits that you won’t find anywhere else! I always do my best to leave you satisfied!

All transactions are processed safely and securely via All EngineerDog products ship from Portland, Oregon via USPS.  Learn more about EngineerDog shipping & package tracking here.

I encourage you to leave comments on the on the relevant product pages linked below or on the instructables page so that others can see the conversation and benefit from it as well. (I receive many repeat questions folks.)

Product List: (Click on image for more info)

3D Printer Low Filament Alarm: $20 (IN STOCK)


3D Printed Gear Light Switch Cover: $30 as shown, $35 custom colors, (In Stock)


Bicycle BoosterPack Complete hardware kit
Bicycle BoosterPack Complete hardware kit: $65,  Inventory QTY: (in Stock)


BoosterPack MINI: Hardware + Printed Parts Kit: $75,  Inventory QTY: (in Stock)


BoosterPack FULL STANDARD: Hardware + Printed Parts Kit: $150, Inventory QTY: (in Stock)

BoosterPack Throttle Starter Kit: $10        IN STOCK


filament fuser pic
Filament Fuser Kit: SOLD OUT! (Links provided for DIY components on this page)




Custom Design Requests:



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In other words, I would hate for anyone to get hurt trying to mimic something they’ve seen here, but I am not in any way responsible for things other people do on their own time without my knowledge or presence. I have done my due diligence by including adequate warnings for any hazards inherent to parts that I provide. Please be careful with your new toys!