Solvent-Proof 12V Pump Assembly

Solvent Proof Pump 20170214_192706

This listing is for the a single fully assembled 12VDC pump system, an essential component needed to build the “Professional Ultrasonic 3D Print Vapor Polisher” as seen on

It has approximately 6″ of output hose and 15″ of input hose. The pump may be operated continuously and used for pumping liquid, gas, or any mixture there of. No maintenance or lubrication is required. Pump will pull a light suction, so no priming is needed.

The materials used in this pump are 100% resistant to water, acetone, and alcohol. Other chemicals have not been verified.

Pump will function with 12V applied across red and black in either direction..

Price: US $30.00 (+ $5 shipping within US)


(Link to complete transaction via

(Shipping Internationally is an additional charge, you will receive an invoice for the difference)

Relevant Video Support/Demonstration:

Questions or Feedback? Feel free to leave a comment below!




  1. Really like the tutorial on instructables! Do you happen to have a time frame for when you might be selling these pumps again?



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