Michael’s Design Service

Don’t let the whimsical blog name or logo fool you, Michael Graham is a professional Mechanical Engineer with years of R&D experience. A gallery of his past professional projects can be seen here.

Services & Specialties:

  • Custom ElectroMechanical Testing Equipment. -load cells, data acquisition, test fixtures, etc.
  • 3D modelling & design.
  • Prototype fabrication & 3D printing.
  • Design for one-off or low volume production.
  • Creative solutions catered to your specific needs.


My Process:

My product development process breaks down into 5 phases. Binding quotes can only generated one phase at a time but estimates can be provided anytime. Deliverables are project specific but generally these are the steps:

1. Free consultation. Discussion via email & skype/phone as necessary to layout the scope of work. High level general advice is given freely within reasonable limits.

2. Project Planning: Recommendations such as: Design feedback, Ideas, Feasibility Review, hand sketches, suggested parts, cost estimates, & links to more sources of information.

3. Project Engineering: Detailing out the project plan. Delivery of a BOM, dimensioned drawings & models, & whatever digital information is needed to communicate how to build the work as planned in the previous stage.

4. Prototyping: Creation of the work as specified in previous stage. Cost of materials, consumables, taxes, 3rd party fees, & shipping are passed on to you without markup. My time & expertise are the only billable items. IP generated belongs to you. A percentage of the material costs are billed prior to prototyping.

5. Support: Common deliverables include creation of user manual, video training documentation, and the like. While prototype *defect* troubleshooting is free, any questions considered as expanding the scope of previously planned work is considered billable support.


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