Throttle of your Choice




This page is to provide the option of purchasing either the BoosterPack button throttle OR the flick throttle. (FYI the 3D printable models for these assemblies are available on Thingiverse here and here)

Button Throttle includes the printed case (Black PLA), a Momentary Push Button Switch (Normally Open), a 10k resistor, and the nut & bolt to clamp it on. Fits .875″(22mm) diameter handlebars.

Flick throttle includes the three printed case parts (Black PLA), a torsion spring, and the nut & bolt to clamp it on. Fits .875″(22mm) diameter handlebars.


Parts Required to finish either throttle that are NOT included:

Button Throttle Wiring diagram
  • For wiring the flick throttle see images and video demo below.


Relevant Video Support/Demonstations:


Price: US $10.00 (+ $5 shipping within US if ordered by itself.)


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International Shipping for this item unavailable unless it is purchased at the same time as another item. (International shipping is too expensive & bothersome to ship this by itself, it often costs more than the item!)