Product Replacement

So sorry your new toy isn’t working out, lets get that taken care of!


Product Return:


Visit then look for the Return Shipping Label link on the buyer’s Transaction Details page. This will enable your to print a return label if dissatisfied with your item.


Product Replacement:

I use Paypal to manage my shipments. To be able to send you a replacement we need to initiate a transaction.

All you do is click the buy-it-now link below and you will be charged a $1 product replacement fee.

After you receive the replacement I’d like you to return the defective product back to me.


Inside the packaging will be a prepaid return shipping label. Please


To create a return shipping label:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account and click the My Account tab.
  2. Click the payment either on your Summary or Activity page.
  3. Click the Return Shipping Label link.
  4. Complete the form and click Continue.
  5. Make sure the information is correct. Then click Print in the return label pop-up window. (A confirmation email, including a tracking number will be sent to both of us. )
  6. To be clear, I will be covering the return shipping charges.