BoosterPack MINI: Hardware + Printed Parts Kit

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This kit contains the Assembled 3D Printed AND Hardware parts needed to build the award winning “Bicycle BoosterPack MINI” as seen on &

This kit contains 52 total parts (29 unique parts as listed), with is everything you need to build a mini boosterpack aside from the electronics which are not included. Please see my video series & instructables for details on electronics.

The Bicycle BoosterPack Mini is device designed to clamp on to most bikes to provide an electric boost via a friction drive system. The parts in this kit are custom designed and 3D printed with high infill on a professional Witbox 2 out of black PLA material. All parts are assembled (as much as they can be minus the electronics) and then coated with a UV resistant protective clear coating.

If you own a 3D printer, the associated 3D Printable STL files can be purchased separately on

The complete list of required electronics can be purchased from 3rd party suppliers. No engineering required, I recommend exactly what you need in the BOM in the Instructable.

NOTE: The BoosterPack mini is designed with a universal motor mount, so it will fit the 50mm or the 60mm outrunner motor. The FAN, however, is still a motor specific size so please send me a message specifying which size motor you intend to use. (The default recommended size is 50mm).

Line Item Description QTY
001 Wrench small half 1
002 Wrench big half 1
003 Clamp Nut 1
004 Spring Tension Bushing 1
005 Clamp Tray for ESC 1
006 Universal Motor Mount 1
007 Fan (either 50mm or 60mm) 1
008 Seat Post Clamp Head 1
009 Clamp Head Motor Mount 1
010 Cross Dowel 2
011 Bolt Seat post clamp 2
012 Nut 1/4″ 1
013 Nut 1/4″ locking 1
014 Shoulder Bolt 1
015 Nut 5/16 locking 1
016 Set Screw short 4
017 Set Screw long 2
018 Spring Pin 1
019 Spring 1
020 Bolt Metric large 4
021 Bolt Metric small 4
022 Hex Key small 1
023 Hex Key large 1
024 Split Washer small 4
025 Split Washer large 4
026 velcro adhesive backed (2″x1.5″) 1
027 Zip Tie 3
028 Wire Harness (25″) 1
029 Velcro Strips 8″ 4
(Device Sold Assembled)
Total Pieces 52

Price: US $75.00 (+ $6.80 shipping within US)


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(Shipping Internationally is an additional charge, you will receive an invoice for the difference)



BoosterPack BOM and Calculations here for reference.

Parts Required to build a BoosterPack that are not included:

Full BoosterPack Electronics
Full BoosterPack Electronics (Not included. Available from 3rd party sellers.)

Relevant Video Support/Demonstations:

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