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SimpleSumo is an awesome little open source robot which allows anyone to build their very own mini-sumo robot with no prior knowledge in robotics at a price point that almost anyone can afford.


Instructions & Support:


Software Downloads:


Where to Get Parts: 


Recommended Reading Material: SimpleSumo doesn’t have an official textbook, and you don’t have to buy any books to learn arduino. There are lots of free resources & videos online. But if you learn best with a book in hand then these are the go to’s:


  1. This is really nice. A quick question… I couldn’t find information about the Nano Shield, but I expect that it’s giving 5V in those red connectors, as it has some others tagged with a 3.3V. But, what’s the maximum current you can take from that shield? How have been your motors behaving? It seems ( that the stall current at 6V is 800mA, and for four motors (in case you use the accessories) you have 3A… and I don’t think that little regulator can handle that current.
    Looking forward to hear about your experience. If nothing has burnt yet, then the regulator is OK for this.


    • Super late response here 🙂 Yes those connectors supply regulated 5V through the shield (bypassing the arduino) so the current limit per line is in the hundreds of ma range. I dont remember what exactly, but the battery can only produce 1A max anyway. For that reason we arent capable of using every motor to the extent of its limits at the same time. On the other hand the continuous motors ‘should’ never reach stall conditions because they slip across the floor well below their max torque.
      So far I have yet to have issues burning out any motors or the shield for any reason. That the motors have little plastic gears has been more problematic in practice. Some kids want to grab/lockup the motors and throw robots around and the gears just cant take it. Unfortunately no one sells continuous motors with metal gears.


      • Perfect. I’ll try to build some soon, but I was thinking on using a small cellphone power bank, as they last longer, are rechargeable and easy to find. They normally output 1A, so probably things won’t burn in this case either. I’ll update if that happens!


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