Hobby Robot Module Link Hub

June 2018- Please note that this page and the module designs are a work in progress for the 2018 HackADay Prize Contest!


This page a ‘visitors center’ to help you find all things associated with the EngineerDog Modular Robotics Project!

This is a small collection of open source proven 3D printable arduino-based robot hardware intended for educational and recreational use.

These components are optimized for easy replication, modularity, and to provide maximum performance given their low cost.

The star of the show is the Mug-O-Matic Coffee Mug Drawing Robot, but as you can see this the modular aspect of this collection enables students to mix, match, and build their own custom toy robots. There are many possible applications of these parts.

All designs are provided as STL & STEP formats so you can further edit them to suit your needs! This is intended to provide other designers with a springboard for their own projects.

License: Creative Commons-Attribution


Links to Models, Instructions, & Support:

  • Hobby Servo Linear Actuator Module- The big mechanical innovation of this project
  • Hobby Servo 180 Deg Joint Module 
  • Hobby Servo Wire Pulley Module- Fishing line pulley with overload protection
  • Hobby Servo Gripper Module-
  • Hobby Servo Parametric Wheel Module
  • Arduino Uno/Nano Case, Mounts, & Tool Holder Modules
  • Assembly: Mug-O-Matic- Coffee Mug CNC
  • Assembly: Post-It-Plotter- Post-It Note CNC
  • Assembly: Laser Turret- A pan-tilt laser pointer for light writing
  • Assembly: Gantry Crane- A suspended claw
  • Assembly: TBD


Software Downloads:


Where to Get Parts:   (Links pending)

  • Hobby Servo MG-90s
  • Arduino Nano + Cord
  • Arduino Nano Breakout
  • EngineerDog Webstore- Printed Parts + Electronics Kits
  • 3D printable Files- Collection of Basic Models & accessories on Thingiverse.com
  • 3D Printable Files- Expansion Packs on  Pinshape.com
  • Google Sheets list of sources for all non-printed parts


Recommended Reading Material: 

You don’t have to buy any books to learn arduino. There are lots of free resources & videos online. But if you learn best with a book in hand then these are the go to’s: