EngineerDog Showcase at Maker Faire Cincinnati a Success!

Over the weekend I turned 27, turned 1, and my wife & I presented some projects I’ve been working on this year at the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire! Check out a few of my favorites displays from this weekend:

Michael with Stormtrooper

Don’t worry, even at this range he’d probably miss.

Gorilla Maker 3D printer

The biggest “desktop” 3D printer I’ve ever seen.

Walking robot with bb gun

Airsoft Gun Mounted to a Skynet Remote Controlled Walking Robot.

Kinetic Sand Light Show

I called it: ‘The Child Sand Ecstasy Pit’ (I was lucky to get a photo this clear)

To the dozens of new readers joining us, it was great meeting all of you! What were your favorite things you saw at maker faire?

To all my existing readers, thanks for continuing to follow my ridiculous posts! For the benefit of those folks who probably don’t care much about Maker Faires they didn’t go to, I’ll try to put this into a perspective you can benefit from. As I’ve discussed before, there are multiple ways you can benefit from attending this type of event.

  • This was my first time presenting my work in a public setting, so I considered it good practice for the possibility that I’ll make something good enough to sell someday.
  • I made some potentially useful professional connections and got to meet a few fellow tech savvy adults involved in the maker community.
  • While Maker Faire is in large part a kid’s event (not my target audience), I actually did enjoy seeing them smashing my 3D printed parts to pieces (kids will help you determine the weak spots in your designs). Hopefully this type of event helps inspire a few of them to pursue STEM careers someday. The world can always use more scientists!
  • The Cincinnati Museum Center is just a great museum anyway, and as a maker I went for free!

DIY notepad

I handed out 400 professional business cards notepads over two days. Handmade using paper, staples, blood, sweat, and tears.

Kelly under Mammoth Skeleton

First time I’ve seen a giant woolly mammoth standing under a giant woolly mammoth


As a final note, this is going to be a two post week because I’m almost finished summing up the results of all the TestrBot 3D printing material testing done so far!

Dog looking out window

Looking forward to next Maker Faire!


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